Tiny Tigers

Children ages 4+ are in a very distinct growing stage. They are embarking on new discoveries every day and learning how to cope with the challenges they face as they move through their daily routines. Their intellect, social competence, emotions, and physical capabilities are growing at a rapid rate. They are developing so fast that may not attend to what’s important and are still trying to distinguish between right and wrong.tinytiger
That’s where our Tiny Tigers program comes in. Our program is specifically designed to benefit 4 to 7 year olds by providing lessons that target their physical and emotional stages of development. Tiny Tigers uses collected scientific and psychological resources to meet each child’s characteristics and capabilities.
What To Expect
In our Tiny Tigers program, we work on developing gross and fine motor skills, positive behaviors and peer interactions, and character development. These skills have been broken down into age-specific exercises, games, activities and drills that complement this specific stage of development. In addition, we teach martial arts techniques at a level that is easy for 4 to 7 year olds to understand and perform. As they progress into the other programs they are taught more detailed techniques.

At The Dragons Way, we achieve desired behaviors through positive reinforcement. We encourage good discipline, confidence and maintaining a positive attitude in all of our classes, and that begins with our Tiny Tigers.
Why Children Would Benefit From Beginning Karate Now
Martial arts is far more than kicking and punching. The Tiny Tigers program will help young children prepare mentally and physically for the challenges of our Dragons, and Young Adult programs. They will begin learning the customary discipline protocol such as standing at attention when commanded, responding with respect by saying, “Yes sir,” and “Yes ma’am,” and maintaining a positive attitude. With the professional Martial Arts Instructors as role-models, and a mixture of fun games and activities with basic kicks, strikes and blocks during class, your child’s first exposure to martial arts training will generate OUTSTANDING results!

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