The Dragon’s Way School of Kenpo is a safe, fun and education experience for my two children, ages 6 and 7. They have learned the art of self-defense along with valuable life skills. Mr. & Mrs. Smith teach the children discipline, but in a fun and exciting fashion. We love that Kenpo is not just about the skills achievements, but also about academics and behavior at home. The potential to increase belt rankings keeps the children self-motivated as well as tangibly shows them that practice can indeed make perfect“.

Amanda & Andrew Rife, Carlisle, PA

“Dragons Way Kenpo has the best instructors around and they are very family friendly”.

J DeJesus, Gardners, PA

“The growth and development I’ve seen in my son since enrolling at Dragon’s Way has been incredible.  His confidence and leadership presence has grown exponentially.  We are grateful for the holistic approach to learning and development.  Thank you for partnering with us in laying a foundation for life for our son!

T Fischer, Carlisle, PA

“Great program for all ages.  My children have been involved for 5 years. Still great after all this time.  I always recommend to all my friends”.

K Adams, Carlisle, PA

“Teaches my son coordination, respect and the value of learning something with hard work”.  

D Swerdon, Carlisle, PA

“Within the first month of Ian’s joining the Dragon’s Way, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in his discipline at home.  His academic grades have also improved greatly”.

L Sturm, Carlisle, PA

“Brandon loves coming here.  He has gained tons of confidence since joining”.

L CLifford, Carlisle, PA

“Great school.  Tyler’s experience here has been positive in every way.  Your patience, encouragement, dedication and efforts make every class fun.  Have made our experience here worthwhile in every way”.

B Gilman, Boiling Springs, PA

“Our two boys love the Smiths and karate.  It has helped the self-confidence of my eight-year old and my six year olds teacher said that his focus has greatly improved since he started taking karate.  Classes are focused but friendly.  The boys learn a lot, get exercise and have fun”.

M Furlong, Boiling Springs, PA

“I have seen both my children grow in maturity, confidence, and discipline through their studies with the Dragons Way School of Kenpo.  The respect that they have learned for themselves and others is invaluable”.

L Myers, Carlisle, PA