Learn the Dragon’s Way

You will Learn:

Leadership Skills
Self Confidence
Self Esteem
Bully Busting
Academic Achievement

Get Fit
Life Skills
Street Self Defense

We are for “REAL”. Kenpo is realistic, it is not a sport. Kenpo employs sound logic and scientific theoretical innovations not used in other systems. This is a modern street based self-defense art, featuring unusually fast hand and foot combinations that are very practical to be learned by ANY person. You DO NOT need to be an athlete or extremely flexible to master the art of Kenpo. Since there are no emphasis on rewarding children for defeating each other in a fight, they do not become combative. Instead, they learn to control their tempers and avoid trouble.

All instructors at the Dragon’s Way School of Kenpo are Drug tested, Child abuse cleared and criminal background checked we want to provide a clean safe environment for everybody to learn in.