Mrs. Suk Smith

Associate ProfessorSuk Yee Smith
5th Degree Black Belt Kenpo


B.S. Sports Management
Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Board Certified with:
GL Kenpo
Irish Kenpo Karate Federation

Mrs. Smith’s first introduction into the martial arts came in 1991 when she started studying Kung Fu under Mr. M Du Feu on the Island of Jersey. However, in 1993 she changed to Kenpo Karate. as she found it to be more practical, challenging and invigorating.

In 1996 she sustained a knee injury preventing her from training for 6 months. Sadly, in 1999 her father passed away before she earned her Black Belt in 2000 under the Irish Kenpo Karate Federation (IKKF). Suk is the first person from the Island of Jersey to obtain the rank of Black Belt under Mr. M Mahon, 9th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo. Some of the other panel members were Mr. S Paget (7th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo), Mr. B Coleman (6th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo), Mr. P Coleman (4th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo), and Mr. D L Smith (3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo). She received her 2nd Degree under Mr. D L Smith and Mr. G Lelliott in 2002. In June 2006, she received her 3rd Degree Black Belt under Mr. G. Lelliott, Mr. D. L Smith, Mr. J Henderson, Mr. F Bell & Mr. D Davis. In 2009 she achieved the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt under Mr. G. Lelliott, Mr. L. Wedlake, Mr. I. Johansson, Mr. D. L. Smith, Mr. I Harris & Mr. P. McMurray. May 2013 Suk achieved the rank of Associate Professor 5th Degree Black Belt under Mr. G Lelliott, Mr.S White, Mr.I Harris, Mr. P McMurray & Mr. D Jimenez.

Suk has also trained with the same prominent instructors as Mr. Smith. Suk continues her training under Associate Master Mr. G Lelliott 8th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. Suk is also studying Modern Arnis under Datu Tim Hartman. Datu Tim Hartman is a direct student of the late Remy Presas. Datu Tim teaches the family systems of Modern Arnis and Kombaton.

Suk moved to the USA with her husband in November 2000 where she co-owns their school. She is a certified Personal Trainer through NASM and she has graduated with honors from California University of Pennsylvania in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management.

Suk is teaching a children’s program at Hope Station, teaching the staff at Carlisle Cares Homeless Shelter and at dragons-way-kempothe Salvation Army. Mrs. Smith continues her work also through Got Pink Power which is a women’s only program focusing empowering women through self defense and knowledge. Teaching through workshops in the studio, local businesses through lunch and learns, teaching at the YWCA and much more.